Segin Systems, Inc.

397 Little Neck Rd #306

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Information Security Management System In accordance with:

ISO 27001:2013

This certification will apply to the Information Security Management System of Segin Systems, Inc. which developed and maintains the “RynohLive” product that automates daily three-way reconciliation process protecting any organization’s escrow and operational accounts from potential check and wire fraud, in accordance with Statement of Applicability version 1.5 dated September 18, 2017, and adjudged that the exclusion under this statement do not compromise the integrity of the ISMS.

Certification of Registration remains the property of Aprio, LLP. The validity of this certificate is maintained on the condition that the ISMS is assessed through an on-going surveillance program and continues to adequately meet the requirements of the standard. To verify this certificate is valid please contact - Aprio, LLP.

Certification Effective Date: 12.16.2016

Certificate Expiry Date: 12.19.2019

Certificate Registration No.: 002

Signed by Aprio, LLP

Five Concourse Parkway, Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30328 | 404.892.9651 (Accredited Office)

1120 Avenue of the America's, 4th Floor, New York 10036 | 646.380.3161

The ISMS represented by this certificate is restricted as defined in the Addendum. Download a full copy using this link.